CPV traffic is a relatively new traffic source compared to PPC, search and others. Having gained lots of traction, but still in it's infancy, CPV is an excellent way to diversify your traffic sources. CPV stands for “Cost Per View” and is also commonly referred to as PPV or “Pay Per View”. For clarity sake, we'll refer to the traffic source as CPV from this point forward. Let's start by understanding exactly what it is and what is is not.


What CPV Is - CPV traffic is pop-up or pop under traffic delivered via a third party software installation on the web surfers machine. The software sits silently and unobtrusively on the surfers machine listening for queries and monitoring web site visits. When the web surfer visits a site or types in a query that matches the target of the publisher, a pop-up or pop-under is served to the client machine. Typically the publisher is charged per impression or every time the software matches a target and serves up the publishers ad.


What CPV Is Not - CPV traffic is NOT spyware. The software responsible for triggering the advertisements on client machines adhere to a set of rules setting it apart from what's referred to as spyware. CPV software is installed only after the user has agreed to an advertising disclaimer from the vendor. Typically the software also “throttles” the ads. Only a limited number of ads are shown to the client per day so they don't become a nuisance.


What CPV Can Do For You - CPV allows the publisher to laser target. CPV advertising platforms allow publishers to bid on URL, keyword and query targets and pay as little as .001 per impression. A new website is created every minute and each one of those new sites is a new, potentially profitable target for a CPV publisher. Using our strategies to hone in on the good targets and weed out the un-performing ones you'll be able laser target your market and your ROI!


CPV traffic is cheap and abundant, but if mishandled can also mean big losses. CPVDen will give you the strategies, tools and support you need to make the most of this progressive traffic source!



Once you become a member you will have access to all of our strategies for making money with CPV traffic. If you are new to CPV advertising we lay it all out in great detail how to get yoru first campaign going. If you are already running offer on this traffic source we will show you ways to capitalize that have not been shared anywhere.



Our tools section has tools to speed up every aspect of CPV Marketing from url research to campaign creation. We are also constantly adding new tools that enhance our unique strategies to give you an edge on your competition.



Some people learn visually with videos better than reading instructions. Because of this, we are providing detailed video explanations of all the major strategies taught on CPVDen.com