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Default Sending PMs broken?

Not sure if it's just a bug but when I send pm's, afterwards it still says I've sent 0 pms. Just wanna know if it's still sending so I don't accidently send 5 pms to someone :P

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This should be a setting in your Control Panel.
  1. Click on the Private Messages link above
  2. On the left menu click on Edit Options
  3. Scroll down to Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default and check that box
I guess by default it does not save the message in the Sent folder so you have to turn this on. I will see if there is a global setting i can set to make this on for everyone.
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Mine is broken too.

I have emails showing that a PM was sent to me here, but the messages are not in my PM box.

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Thanks for fixing it (that was quick!).

Anyone that has not received a response from me, resend your PM and I'll answer. (But do check your PM box first in case my answer is already there )

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Default Sending PMs broken

anyone else having this problem last couple of days, sending pms but they just go to outbox and stay there, am I missing something obvious??
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