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Default TV Bidding Strategy

I'm wondering what the best approach is to bidding on TV. I'm now up to 1000+ URLs in one of my campaigns. The default bid is 0.01. They have a handy "make my bid highest" feature but this bids 0.005 over the highest bid, when you only need to be 0.001 higher to outrank it. Obviously this is their scheme to get the bids up faster

Are people just mainly using this feature to make it easiest to launch campaigns, or going through and manually setting all the bids? Any other tools to use to help automate this?
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It's a time vs. money option.

One time in my group of URLs, there was a URL that was going for $1.20 per view and I didn't see it. I made my bids the highest and my budget evaporated quickly. It didn't get me a sale either -- and I wasn't going to try getting 100 views of that one to see if it would eventually convert.

When you first set up a campaign, I believe it's a good idea to evaluate each bid by hand. Once you get comfortable with the performance of the campaign, you can then use the options that save you time.

There's a post here by Charles about the guy in Germany who has a URL checker that makes sure your URL is functioning and then sends email alerts. This guy in Germany also has a bid automating software for PPV.

If you're comfortable handing over all your campaigns to a guy in Germany for him to plug into his software, you could go that route.

For me, I like to keep my URLs private -- I tried to figure out a way to do it in PHP but haven't gotten far. I've tried searching for a software solution, but couldn't find any. Obviously, if someone has a version that is working it is possible that others could too.

There's definitely an advantage to having a software do the bid adjusting for you, although it seems to drive up bid prices quicker and really benefits the PPV network the most.

I'm so glad that a lot of my URLs are ones where I'm the only bidder.

I'll see if I can find you that post from Charles and I'll put a link here.


Here's a couple threads you may find helpful...
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