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I had server problems on Friday. Some of my sites were OK but others weren't working. I was obviously having a brain freeze because I thought my PPV traffic wasn't going to be affected because I was direct linking. I checked my stats a couple of times through the day in between emails to support at my server and couldn't work out why they hadn't changed. I checked my stats on the PPV networks and I was definitely sending traffic. I thought it was probably some glitch on the CPA networks. But across several of them at once?

Finally I realised that the problem was I was sending the PPV traffic via the tracker first then direct to the CPA offers. As the site the tracker was on was down, none of the traffic was going anywhere. Doh!! So I quickly paused all my campaigns on TV, Adon and MT. I ended up being slightly up for the day overall because of my PPC revenue but it wasn't a great result.

Later on Friday night my server problems were fixed and so I unpaused all my campaigns. When I checked my stats on Saturday morning I couldn't work out why my conversions hadn't bounced back to what they were. I then logged into TV and noticed that I was out of funds. I added another $500 and thought all was OK.

When I checked my stats many hours later they still weren't great. I logged into TV and saw that I'd spent way more money than normal - like my campaigns were on speed. WTF?? I would have been happy to spend more if the conversions were there.

I didn't work out what had happened until I drilled down into a campagin in TV and saw that all my keywords were active, even the ones I'd paused over many weeks and months of testing! Very f*cking irritating & a very expensive lesson...

Thankfully I had a list of what keywords I'd paused and went through each campaign, one by one, and re-paused all the keywords I didn't want.

So....2 things if you have paused keywords on TV:

. keep a record of what words you pause
. don't pause campaigns if you can help it, set a budget lower than what you've already spent and it does the same job without you losing your exisiting keyword settings.

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can be frustrating can't it...
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If you paused it and they ran them anyway, I'd complain and get credit for all those.
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