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Default Target Merchant's Site on TV?

Does TrafficVance allow you to target the offer's site? I don't want to violate any of the terms and conditions, but I find that special offers from the merchant work well when targeting its site. I don't see why the merchant would be too much against it since it is just further promotion of a product that is not on the home page of its website.

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that's referred to as "self targetting" and i haven't tried to do it in quite some time. most networks don't like this, but you can get away with it in some cases.

- lucas
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I have found with Traffic Vance it just depends on the mood they are in. The best way to get it through is to 'slip' it in. In other words, submit a list of a couple hundred targets and have the self-targetted one in there. They rarely will ever go through your list and see if it is in there. However, if you submit a creative with one target and it is the merchants, chances are they will reject it.
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