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Question Rotating Offers and Landing Pages on TV

Can anyone advice.

For example say I am testing 3 generic dating landing pages which are rotating and I want to test 3 different dating offers.

How do I get Trafficvance to approve these?

I know that I can tick the rotate box and input my landing page urls, but what about the 3 dating offers that I am rotating?

Help please!
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Since TV is very picky about which dating offers you promote, I would personally email them and show them the offers. They will not approve anything that even remotely looks adult, so be careful. They will kick you off if you promote the wrong offers so it is best to ask and be safe first.
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Smile Rotating

Thanks Denmaster

Yeh, I think I will email them the offers in the future.

The last thing I want is to get my account shut down, when I have only just got into TV.

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