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Default Casino Ads

Anyone ever get caught promoting casino ads on TV? How upset were they?
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I wouldn't do it.

In fact, I wouldn't do anything that violates any of the conditions in the T&C.

Before they had that check box for the T&C, I had a campaign with an offer where the merchant changed the landing page and I was unaware that an exit pop was placed.

The offer had run for around a month and TV later discovered the exit pop, and rejected the campaign. It only happened one time, as I now monitor all my pages now to make sure they conform to the T&C.

I do not run anything that would violate my agreement with them. I figure that if they want to preserve their business model, I want to do everything to help them do so -- and then everyone can win.

If you switched an accepted offer to a casino offer and then got caught... wait and see if they do anything in addition to rejecting the campaign. Maybe they won't. If they do, ask for forgiveness and make that promise of what they want to hear (and of course, stick to that promise).

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Yeah you are right, it's probably not worth it. I just find those $200 payouts tempting I think I'll look around to find some other source that doesn't have this restriction.

I also had some campaigns disable due to exit pops that got in there accidentally. I test each landing page for exit pops first, but for a long time I was just closing the tab to see if there was a pop. Later I found out that there are some pops that don't show in this manner, but do show if you navigate to a different page. TV eventually found these, and for a long time I couldn't understand why they kept disapproving it because I didn't see any pop
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I wouldn't go against their terms either. If you do your account will most likely get banned. It's not worth it.
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You can always make sure they see something else when/if they check though
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yah, i wouldn't risk it.

- lucas
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