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Default ROI Increase With CPV Lab?

Hey All!

I haven't posted here in quite some time - since the paid forum days - but I stop by to lurk every now and then.

I'm thinking about purchasing CPV Lab and was wondering if you current users have seen an increase in your ROI from using it.

I've heard a lot of awesome things about it but I know hype can often times outweigh the benefits.

Even if I didn't see an increase in ROI, I think it would still help me make more money with its time saving features as compared to P202.

I have also been hesitant because I would have to switch hosting and transfer domains, etc. People (including myself) are scared of change.

CPV Lab users what do you think?
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Welcome back RedTrick!

CPVLab is pretty awesome in my opinion. It definitely is the best option out there for tracking CPV.

It definitely is a time saver.
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