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Default Offer links go blank? Help!

I have setup a landing page sequence on CPVlab.

Last night I tested everything and it worked fine.

My ad sends lead to a level 1 landing page. A link then sends them to a level 2 landing page, and then an offer link sends them to the offer.

The tracking was working great last night, no problems.

This morning I go to check and I had a bunch of clicks to level 2 but only 1 to the offer.

I go to test again and that is where I find that my offer link sends them to a blank page (.../base3.php)

Some more details:
Using adCenter ads
I am hosting on a mediatemple dv server
I am using optimize press with pretty link
Offer link is a clickbank offer

I just don't know why the link would work for a period of time and then just stop working after a while. Doesn't make sense.

Thanks in advance
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