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Default Accuracy of CPV Lab vs. Prosper202/Tracking202

Hey guys & gals,

I'm currently paying to host Tracking202 on BeyondHosting. I'm very comfortable setting up advanced things in Tracking202 such as rotating landing pages, redirects based on referring keyword, etc. So I'm very comfortable with the technical aspects.

However ...

I'm finding very strange anomalies in my reports. My day ends with a clean chunk of data (by "clean" I mean that everything looks good and accurate when I compare numbers with my LeadImpact and PeerFly account), but the next day, my payouts are all screwed up. Suddenly my campaign went from -40% ROI to 5000% ROI because my payouts multiplied. I wish this was accurate, but it is not! I've opened so many tickets with BeyondHosting about these issues that I'm just getting fed up with Tracking202 alltogether.

I'm not afraid to invest $250 into CPV Lab, but I don't want to blow the cash for nothing. Are these oddities common in CPV tracking, and I should just look past these problems? Or do you think I'll be getting much more accurate data with fewer "bugs" with CPV Lab?

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i don't have any discrepancies with lab like that, but i can't see why you're seeing such dramatic variance with 202 either. hmm... how long has this been happening? maybe you're experiencing downtime? what cpv network are you running these campaigns on?

give us some more data, but in the meantime contact beyond as well.

as an aside, lab is a great platform.

- lucas
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