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Old 03-08-2011, 08:01 AM
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Default Tips for newbies from a newbie...

Here are a couple of things I learned from using PPV.

1. It not a money tree. It can make you money but you need to work at it.

2. I will start off using an analogy to help explain what I have learned.

PPV is like selling at a flea market. You can sell any product you want to the people that come to the flea market. But instead you just send them your ad.... it beats the crap out of being out in the sun all day.

So you have several flea markets.... DirectCPV, MediaTraffic, LeadImpact and others. Like flea markets in different areas of town... they all convert but for different products and at different rates or volume.

I have used practically every PPV Network...... they all converted.. at different rates... with different offers... but they converted.
I have never used TrafficVance. I applied but they told me I needed a referral, and I don't know anyone that can give me one. So I guess that was the end of that. But everything else has converted for me.

There are several things you need to keep going in PPV...
1) Money - yes you are going to burn money. Just like a flea market
you will invest in products that don't sell.... and you lose money.
I hear a lot of people saying.. i tried PPV.. but lost money and never went back....
2) Motivation - you will lose your motivation... but you need to keep going...
3) A converting campaign -this is the most important of all. No matter if its a couple of dollars.. as long as its converting... this will keep you motivated.

First.... go and sign up to a service for PPV Tools... I have only used affexpert.com and no...I am not the owner... but If you want to sign up under my affiliate in appreciation for this post... It would really make my day.

On affexpert they have something called URL scraper..... which is basically someone coded a program that if you input some keywords.. it goes to the top search engine and scrapes the top urls... and brings them to you so that you can build your campaign...
With this you can build a pretty good campaign under 10 minutes.... REALLY.
but building a campaign is just the first step.

You also need to... absolutely need to TRACK every hit....
you need to know where it came from.... Time you got it... and if it converted.

For Starters... get TRACKING202... its free and it works pretty good.
You have to host it on a server.... but its pretty easy.... or pay someone to do it... because you will only install it once....
WARNING: NEVER INSTALL YOUR TRACKER ON THE SAME WEBSITE AS YOUR OFFER OR LANDING PAGE. if something goes wrong with your website... it will bring your tracking down too.... it happened to me.

Play around with the tracking... at first you will feel it has too many options... but when you really start using it... you will come to realize that you need everything it offers and more.
UNDERSTAND THE TRACKING REALLY GOOD. It is imperative that you can track your hits.... if not you will lose a lot of money and a lot of sales.

PPV is like throwing a ball in the dark.... and the tracker tells you if you hit something good... so you can keep throwing in the same direction and fine tune your hits.

So now you need to choose an offer. Your first instinct might be to choose an offer with $1000000 payout..... but don't do that... learn how to sell first. CPA is a whole new breed of sales.
Remember the more it pays .... the more the customer has to do... fill form... enter ss#... cc#... etc....
the less it pays... the less the customer has to do.... email submit... the customer does very little but the pay is low too...

So which one should a newbie choose.... well my advice is choose a lead which pays between $8-18 dollars and only US. For Starters US converts better...

Choose the $2 email submits under special circumstances.... like when you know what your are doing and you have conversion rates thru the roof.

Choose the over $20 offers when you are ready to build landing pages... you know when you are ready to invest some time in researching and or money into the campaign.

So lets get you a CONVERTING campaign.

Here is an easy way to get a converting campaign.
Even an idiot could do it.

I will use DirectCPV because everyone says their traffic does not convert.
Just to prove that it does...

Go to your CPA network and get 5 email submits.... ipad....xbox...ps3(US) ..sh!t like that... that everyone wants.... etc that pay $1-2 on the person submitting an email....

Start doing US offers with US traffic... when you are good with that spread to international offer with intl traffic.

Try to choose all of the 5 offers from the same CPA network... that way you only have one page to monitor when keeping watch on the stats.

GO TO PROSPER...I am assuming you have it installed and ready to go.
Input all the information for your campaign...

Under the rotate offers.... put in the urls for the five offers... make sure you put subID to identify them... please get into the habit of doing that..
Now go to the get LINK and get a link from Tracking202 for this campaign.

Now go to DirectCPV... click on create a campaign... and choose NON-TARGETED RON (Run Of Network)... which means when they have slots left over... they will show your ad.. to whoever...wheneever.... where ever.... this traffic is as untargetted as you can get.... but its cheap... like $3 per 1000 views....
as the landing URL... put the LINK you got from TRACKING202....
and set it to run....

They will take a long time to approve this type of campaign...
because they do not make much money.... this type of campaign has low priority in getting approved. I've made RON campaigns that have been PENDING for almost a week.... then made a URL campaign.. and the URL campaign got approved before the RON campaign....
but be patient...

as the dollar amount you can put $1... that way if it gets approved before you have time to monitor it... that b!tch won't run rampant and burn thru your your money...

Once it gets approved..... the fun starts..... sometimes it goes quick... sometimes it starts slow... but it will take off.....

Check the stats on your CPA and on your tracking202..... and watch the views go by quick...

How long you should run it is up to you...
Some people recommend to run it 3 times what the offer pays...
I don't understand that concept. Maybe because I am new to this..
but 3 times what it pays is not a good statistical measure.

you need so many clicks/views to get a valid statistical reading.

I believe you need to offer the product(offer) a set amount of times to
your targeted demographic and then see what the results are before you make a conclusion. If you stop it before so many number of views then you might get too few views to statistically measure its conversion potential.
If you get too many views... then you are just wasting money if it turns out to be a bad campaign.
Since two offers might pay exactly the same... but one of them might have a lot of competition... making the views more expensive... then by going on money alone... you are not going to get as many views on the offer with the higher bid amount... and it might reach its dollar amount threshold sooner... before it was given the chance to show a conversion.... so you end up killing a good campaign.....
for this campaign:
I normally let it run 100-400 clicks/views... by then... you should have a conversion or two.... if you don't get a conversion.... just go back to the CPA and get another offer... sooner or later you will get a conversion... its just pure statistics.... you offer so many hundreds of people an enticing offer... and soon one will take it...
When you get that conversion.... its pure ecstasy.... you will be hooked.
Kind of when you caught your first fish.... hahahaha

Now just because its converting does not mean its making you money...
you could be losing money.... but that is not the point of this exercise...

Once you have a converting offer.... take a look at where it converted(URL)... what time... and what kind of offer was it... understand the conditions under which the conversions took place. Because you want to duplicate it....and scale it of course.

The time of day that offer converted is also very important... I have campaigns that I only run at night.... because they convert better.... and some I only run from 3-6.. why.. because its when teens get out of school and those offers target them....who the hell else in their right mind would install a thingy that gives you free games for ADS.... thanks to them... we have PPV.

You need to understand as much as possible what happened to cause the sale.... what conditions encouraged the sell. and of course.. duplicate and amplify the conditions....

think about it.... why did this person put his email into this offer... well maybe cause he wanted something(ipad) for free.... then that means this person like free stuff(duh)... where on the net can i get free stuff.... hmmmm... let me google that... no wait... i have affexpert... it will do that for me...so let affexpert do that for you.... then target those URLs...

you get what i am saying.... its worth the $30 bucks a month... first two days... and you will be wondering if you can live without it.
NO... I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH AFFEXPERT... ITS JUST I HAVE USED IT... AND IT WORKS GOOD for a new guy... cause i am pretty new to all this...
Real experts out there might recommend something better... i can recommend only what i use....

Also take a look at all the URLs where it did not convert... you will be amazed how URLs that you thought were going to earn you enough to buy a new car... just ended up doing nothing but eating up your money. Learn from this too.... Sometimes the obvious is not true...

so now you have a converting offer.... now you can run up to your neighbor and tell him.. " I make money on the net!!".. ..... ok its only $1.50 but fuk it..... it will give you a high..... hahahaha

Some quick questions....

[Should i use a landing page... ?]
YES... always.... unless you think its too much work for what it pays..
from my experience.. landing pages always work better than direct linking.
I have never had a campaign that a direct link worked better than a landing page. of course if you have shitty landing pages... then no... direct linking will beat it.

[Keywords or URL]
URLs... definitely. Use keywords when you know what you are doing. But for a newbie like me....... its easier with urls

[how important is tracking...?]

If you think you are just going to pull your PPV gun out of your holster and shoot a couple of CPA offers and bring home the bacon without tracking... you have a harsh reality check coming to you.
Basically tracking helps you find out which URLs ...or keywords are bringing you the conversions... and you should keep.... and which urls/keywords are eating up your budget... and you should shut those down.

Track everything. Including Money spend on a campaign.

keep track of the exact amount of money you spent on a campaign... i mean to the last penny.... if you just eyeball it... and then you scale it... you might lose money instead of making some.

[You call yourself a newbie... how long have you been doing IM and PPV?]
I started IM about 3 months ago.... PPV about a month ago...
so yeah.. i am pretty new... and open to any suggestions on how to improve my PPV earnings.

[So if you are a newbie... why should I listen to you...]
Because I am your real father.... STFU..... lol ... no really..Well ... you don't have to do sh!t.... I just offered a bit of what i think i know. I could be wrong about all this... and i welcome anybody to correct me.

I hope this helps someone.... because I would of have given my right arm to someone a month ago to give me this information.
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Old 03-08-2011, 03:01 PM
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Thank you for this great post!!

One thing I should mention though, that you may not even know about our site, is our TOOLS! Click on Resources at the top right and you will see all of the same tools you can get at affexpert.com for FREE! Plus some that they don't have
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Old 03-09-2011, 12:42 AM
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I just checked out the tools...

they are pretty awesome and FREE....

FREE being the keyword here... lol

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Old 03-09-2011, 12:49 AM
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You don't need to go anywhere else, or pay a dime for this stuff :-)

We make it all FREE!
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$$$ $10 Off/Month For Life At Aff Playbook :: EXCLUSIVE to CPV Den $$$
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great info! how much are you banking per day if you don't mind me asking?

I'm still not sure if I want to go with POF or PPV traffic yet..
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Old 04-04-2011, 10:25 PM
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Wow. Epic post.

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Awesome post - sometimes the best knowledge comes from someone who's doing it right now.
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Old 04-09-2011, 12:40 AM
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to ChrisD

I make on the average about $60-75 a day per every offer that I run.
I run offers on a lot of networks...
i try not to accumulate a lot of money
in one basket...
and of course i have bad weeks too..
where everything just seems to flatline...

PPV is easier...
I have done POF...
You are more limited with POF...
when choosing the offer... you have to remember
that these people are actually at a dating site...
wanting to find a partner....
now choose a product that people with that mentality
would be interested in....think dating offers...think cougardating...

good luck....
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Default Pof

POF is difficult to make money on because it takes time to find winning campaigns and then they die out so quickly. I have not tried PPV yet but am going to soon.

what did you mean by this
Choose the over $20 offers when you are ready to build landing pages... you know when you are ready to invest some time in researching and or money into the campaign."

can you make money without landing pages with the $8-18 offers?
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Old 05-27-2011, 01:52 AM
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VIRUS1 i appreciate your generousity, because unfortunately most of the people that i met regarding this affiliate marketing thing were not kind enough to give information more than 2 lines. According to them it killed their money while teaching newbies.. :-(

thanks alot for such detailed guidance, <3
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conversions, tracking202

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