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Great post. Would you make your landing pages look similar to the offer page or do you create something totally unique?
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Default deep

Originally Posted by particles View Post
I get this question a lot... "how do you make campaigns that make money?"

My answer is to make lots of campaigns and test. Sounds simple... but it takes time to recognize what works for you.

Here's an example of what I did for a direct linking campaign (I use my own landing pages for most of my campaigns, but I still have some direct linking campaigns that are working). Maybe some of these tips can help you.

1. I find an offer that looks like it is popular. Ways to do this... do a google search on the offer's named domain.com and see if there's lots of ads (if there is, that's a good sign), ask your affiliate manager (sometimes the advice is good), look at traffic numbers in quantcast.com and statbrain.com (looking for 50k visitors monthly or more).

2. Make sure the offer can be promoted by contextual and it doesn't have exit pops.

3. Set up info in Coach's tracker for the offer.

4. Look for related targets to the offer. Do a google search on the offer name and a separate search on the offer-domain.com and grab seo and paid results for related urls to use for targets. Go to quantcast.com and enter the offer-domain.com and see what sites it returns for targets to use. Go to alexa.com and enter the offer-domain.com and then click the button for "Get Details" and then find target urls from the related links and clickstream urls (don't put in any cpa network tracking targets though -- such as Welcome to Mitwodotoh.com as you'll get lots of unrelated traffic).

5. Setting up your advertising campaigns with your CPV network. If you're direct linking, you can put all these targets into one campaign if you want. I'll wind up with about 20-50 targets this way. I check everything to make sure it's working.

6. Bidding. Targets will range in bid price from $0.01 to as high as $2.00 per view and even more. For bids more than $0.30, I'll try to get around 3rd place in rank, sometimes can get the traffic at $0.10 when 3rd. You won't get as much traffic, but you should have enough in order to test that traffic. For bids from $0.10 to $0.30, I'll try to match the top bid and share the top rank. Sometimes the other person outbids me by $0.001, and that's ok. I'll still get traffic, usually enough to test. For prices from $0.01-$0.10, I'll either match the top bid and split the traffic, or I might go for $0.001 over and get #1 rank. If the target has lots of traffic, I bid lower on the costly targets ($.20 and higher), usually around $0.02-$0.05 and see if I get traffic, if I don't I raise the bids slowly until I get to the point where enough traffic comes in for me to test it.

7. When to kill targets. This is the most important part. Don't let targets run too long. Keep your campaign daily spend at $10 to $20 daily, until you get rid of those targets that will drain your budget quickly. Right off the bat, you may have some targets that go through your entire budget and don't get any conversions and they keep your other targets from getting any traffic. This happens on about every campaign I create and can sometimes hit my daily budget in an hour. Once these fast targets reach the same ad spend as your commission from the offer, and you don't have any conversions, delete them. Let the other targets keep running. These remaining targets may take a few days to reach the same ad spend as your commission from the offer. Once they do, and there's no conversions, delete them. Along the way, there may be some targets that start getting commissions. Look at your bid prices and decide to raise or lower, based on your roi. Eventually, you'll have one target or a handful that are making money for you. Sometimes you won't have any... it happens. For those targets making you money, keep them running until they die down, which could be a week or could be three months.

8. For those campaigns making you money, raise your daily budget from $10-$20 up to what you're comfortable with, could be $100/day, could be $1,000/day. Take the url targets domains that are making money for you and find more related targets using the same process from Step #4 here. In this group, you might find one or two more targets that will make money, and there will be lots of targets that don't, but those couple of targets will probably make good money too.

9. Coach's tracker. Run your All Campaigns report for the day before and the All Campaigns report for the prior 7 days. Sort on cost first and look for any campaigns that are costing you money without any conversions. Then click those campaigns and look at your ad spend and delete the losing targets. Then look at All Campaigns again and sort on Net and find those campaigns making you money, look at the targets and you may want to raise bids on those. Then run an All Keywords report for the day before and an All Keywords report for the prior 7 days, and sort these on cost first and look for keyword targets that are losing you money. Then sort those targets on the Net, and look at the targets making you money and decide what you want to do with those bids if you want to raise or lower them.

10. While you're waiting for your traffic to come in and while waiting for enough data to make decisions... go create more campaigns. Go research offers and find the ones that are popular that everyone is promoting (I always do the best on those). Stay in contact with your affiliate manager and ask about good offers.

Go make more campaigns. 95% of your campaigns probably won't do squat. Each day is a testing experience, a learning experience and an experience in patience.

Get 10 campaigns done a day, and you're on your way. Make your own landing pages, and you'll get rich.

Being in this a month and a short bankroll this looks so deep you would have to have a professional like yourself to do this. There is no way a new or sort of new person would ever be able to do this. i thank you for your time and post though. Harry
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Default My process for making CPV campaigns

Thanks Neutron...

Process Explorer is great for seeing the core distribution of certain apps.

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