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Old 04-13-2011, 12:55 AM
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Lightbulb More LP Load time tips.

A few more tips about this, inspired by qasy's post.

1. Get rid of extra tags. I've found some LPs with dozens and dozens of extra font tags specifying all sorts of parameters, with no text in between the open and close tags. Sometimes it was just redundant tags setting the same details over and over again. Etc. After cleaning them all up, the page itself was 1/4 the size and looked exactly the same.

For the next two, keep a separate copy of your file so that you can still work on it. These will make it very hard to edit the code.

2. Get rid of unneeded white space. Carriage returns and extra spaces or tabs to line things up for easy reading of the code. You'll end up with code that's all on one line, impossible to edit (thus the hint above). But it can shave a lot off the file size. Speed up this process with a tool like this: Link.

3. Get rid of code comments, if there are any. Don't get rid of the ones that say "if IE 6", I don't think those are actually comments.

4. Optimize your images. It's okay if they're a bit uglier if it means they load before the user closes the pop up. If saving a JPG in GIMP:
- Expand the Advanced Options, and check Show Preview.
- Check Optimize, uncheck everything else.
- Choose the "(smallest file)" option under Subsampling.
- Adjust the quality:
- Slide it down to 80.
- Take note of the file size as you adjust the quality number.
- You'll notice diminishing returns where a tick of quality change size a lot near the top, and very little past a certain point. This point will vary a bit for each image
- Pick a quality setting near this sweet spot.
- Check the image in the preview window to ensure it's acceptable.
- Remove anything from the image comment.
- Save it.

That's all. For some LPs, especially ones that you've modified from other sources or had somebody make, etc, these steps can make a big difference in total size.
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Old 04-13-2011, 12:56 AM
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Having a very hard time posting the last part of this, and I have no idea why. The last bit of the post, even when it it's own separate post, causes "post" or "preview" to send me to a totally blank page.

I even tried rewriting the whole post, still doesn't let me post the end. There's no code, links, etc, just text.

I've just found MOST BIZARRE BUG EVER!!! Well, maybe not, but very odd.
If I type these three words on the same line:

delete anything from

I can't type any more on that line - it won't let me post, gives me the blank page. Whether it's editing a comment, posting a new thread or reply, quick reply or advanced editor, etc.

Actually it might just be the first and last word of that line, but I can't post to demonstrate it.
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Old 04-13-2011, 02:04 AM
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yah, probably some sort of sql injection protection. great post btw kevin! i'll email you tomorrow bud.

- lucas
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Old 04-13-2011, 09:47 AM
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thanks for the tips kevin!

I havent played so extensively with gimp around image sizes. Now i made a quick test:
took a jpg (220kb) and adjusted the settings according to your suggestion. when the quality slider was on 80, the file size came down to 101kb. Adjusted to 90, the size was 110kb. And exactly, near to top the file size growing rapidly.

And also the white space removal html is good tip as well.

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