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Default If You Find Conversions Dropping...

If conversions begin to slow on your campaign try pausing the campaign for a week or so and then start it back up. I find this gets the conversions back up. I think it's due to the same people seeing the ad everyday. When the ad disappears for awhile then comes back, it's like a new ad to them. -PPV Coach
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This is true. Everyone I run out of budget and spend too long to resubmit funds, the conversions skyrocket as soon as I do.

Personally i agree with the "seeing the same ad" sentiment, so I want to try making the time per view like 36 hours or something (currently 12). Unfortunately I don't want to change the campaign to get it reviewed again because I'm doing a bit of trickery
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I do the same thing. That's my biggest gripe with PPV marketing - banner blindness sets in quickly.

I also rotate the next most profitable offer as well, and teeter back and forth on them, pausing one when conversions drop.

Great post man, this forum rocks!
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100% True...... even i have few campaigns that performs the same way.
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