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Default How to get accepted by CPA Networks

Getting approved on a CPA or Affiliate Network always seems to get branded as a momentous task, especially to those who are new in the industry. Well i am here to tell you that whatever you have been told, it really shouldn't be that hard. For a start, sure some networks may turn you away but just look at how many affiliate networks are ready to work with you. I am now approved on over 20 networks and have run traffic via them all, i have yet to be disapproved anywhere! At the end of the day you are going to be making the network money, why wouldn't they want you? Don't always give them the upper hand, sure a phone call can be scary but keep remembering you will be making THEM money for nothing! Be sure to pick a reputable network, that is established and has a good solid core and record of payments etc.

Here are some application myths that are simply not true,

I can't get approved because i don't have a website.X

Not true, yes it may help to have a site backing you up but its not the be all and end all! I know friends of mine earning $10k a week who haven't owned a website in their entire life! The key is to know and explain WHY you haven't got a website! Do your homework and pick a method!

I can't get approved because i don't have a phone number.X

Not true, some networks may wish to get in contact with you but if phone isn't the best form of contact for you then all you have to do is pick another that suits. Skype or Aim may be a better option.

I can't get approved because my English is poor.X

Not true, the big networks get 100's if applications everyday from all over the world. The one thing they want to see is if your dedicated to success! They will 100% understand that your English may not be up to scratch and may have away round it, but all they are looking for is to see you are positive and not shying away at any hurdles (this triggers suspicions of fraudulent entries etc)

I can't get approved because I'm new to CPA.X

Not true, intact some networks cater to newbies. All they ask for and rightly so is that you have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing. It is in your interest to read up and do your homework on the methods used and terms within affiliate marketing.

So with the above being ruled out as complete lies and myths here are what i consider the most important steps and pointers to getting approved.

1.Know your Role!

If you were just starting to play football and were interested in a career in the sport, would you go straight to Real Madrid and ask to be signed? NO, you would join a lower league team that would take you under their wing and teach you your trade! The same rule applies for CPA and Affiliate networks, if you are new to CPA then why waste your time applying for some of the top level private affiliate networks when you know they will ignore your application. There are plenty of newbie friendly networks who cater for both ends of the spectrum and will be eager to help and get you on board, a few of my favourite include,




2.Do your homework!

I feel this is possibly the most important step in applying to a network! Again I'm going to relate this to the football scenario, would you ask to join a team if you didn't know the rules? If you didn't know what the term "offside" meant? If you didn't know what position you wanted to play? NO, so why apply to a CPA network when you don't know the first thing about CPA? There are literally 100's of free resources out there explaining and highlighting the main terms, guidelines and methods of CPA. For example the famous Newbie 411 will explain all your need to know to get started! Do some research and gain the basic understanding of the industry. It will help a lot!

3.Pick a method!

This is similar to the statement above "would you ask to join a team if you didn't know what position you wanted to play?", now I'm not saying you have to have an outlined detailed plan, but having an inkling and basic knowledge of what you want to promote and via which method really helps! Again do your homework and see what method would suit and interest you the most!

4.Get legit!

Now i know i said you don't need a website and believe me you don't, however it helps! If your deadly serious about this why not spend $10 getting legit? The best thing to do is go and buy a cheap domain for your company or person. For example www.mycompanyname.com or www.myname.com - there are 2 bonuses with doing this, one is you can throw up a nice simple Wordpress blog with a free template and create your own blog recording your CPA progress(also you now have a website to input on approval!). Two you have a professional email address which networks love to see, for example joeblogs@mycompany.com looks SO MUCH more legit than joeblogsissexy69@gmail.com!

5.Be 100% transparent!

The most important step of all! Be yourself, and be 100% honest! The chances are networks will like to speak to you on the phone, this is nothing at all to be frightened off! It's purely a insurance policy on their end to make sure you are not a fraudulent applicant! Telling them you own 100's of websites or have earn 1000's of dollars in commissions just isn't going to do you any good! They are mostly industry experts and know how to tell when you are being fake straight away! Just be purely and utterly honest with them, if you haven't earned anything with CPA then tell them, they will respect you more if you tell them you are new but eager to learn! Tell them you have done your homework and know the basics surrounding the industry and that you are interested in a particular method! The more transparent you are the more they will feel they can trust you and mould you into a successful marketer!

6.Be confident and call the shots!

You have to be confident, I'm not saying tell a network they are missing out if they don't take you on board but in a sutler way let them know! Tell the how passionate you are about earning and learning this trade and that you would love their help and guidance but if they don't want to give it to you that won't stop you! As soon as your application form is submitted GET IN CONTACT ASAP! They love nothing more than eager publisher, get on the phone or on Skype/Aim to them and explain you have just submitted an application and was wondering if we could resolve it over the chosen method of contact and get working straight away!

To sum things up, you have to get serious about this, networks may have 5000+ publishers running their offers - why would you be any advantage to them? I can tell you now the majority of networks i deal with would much rather have a confident, eager to learn and legit newbie on their books than a cocky, unprofessional and arrogant expert. You have to put yourself in their shoes, would you accept you if you applied with a half assed attempt? Get serious, get legit and get approved!

I am more than happy to answer any questions below!

Source: How to get accepted by CPA Networks

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