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Default High CTR, No Conversions - Tip for Tip

Here's the deal, at the bottom of this post is a few tips I found out the hard way that helped me get a CTR of 82% on a CPV campaign. I'm looking to trade those tips for advice on how to fix my conversion rate, because I'm starting to get annoyed. Been in the industry for a year, been doing cpv for a couple months now, still not quite there yet though.

I was running a campaign (bizopp) for a while there that was flirting with break-even, but the CTR wasn't good enough, and that combined with some network BS led me to temporarily shut it down. After that, I buckled down and got better at coding so I could increase the CTR. The targets/offer was obviously converting, but my landers just weren't cutting it.

After I cleaned up the page, I got it down to a load time of .8s, and was rotating and tracking some pretty nifty sales copy. The network shut down my offer though, so I had it running on a clickbank equivalent. I wound up getting 82% ctr, but the conversion rate was only just covering my cost of traffic because it required a credit card submit. Getting credit card leads off CPV is pretty sweet though, so I figured I was on the right track. Surely a simple email submit would convert 10x better right?

I moved the lander to a CPA network and am still getting my ass kicked on the conversion rate. The only difference is that I'm now only getting $1.5/lead, as opposed to $15...wtf is up with that!?

My Tip
Load time, and using toggled javascript content to reveal sales copy.

By changing my lander from an image-table to a jumble of CSS, I cut the load time in half, and my clicks went through the roof. Mix in a sub-domain to load tracking pixels and images, and I made sure that people at least saw the ad before they could close the pop.

Next thing I did was use js-toggled content to turn the lander into a sales page. My lander isn't pretty, but it's got enough text to pre-sell the shit out of the offer. All my copy is pretty much just verbatim BS from the offer page, TOS, and FAQ, but it seems to have made a difference in keeping people interested.

Your Turn (ie. TL;DR)
My CTR is still fluctuating between 30-60%. What do I change. Targets? Offer? Sales Copy? Traffic Source?
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if your ctr is so high, add more biz opp offer and rotate them...just an idea
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