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Default Helpful Tools

Thought I'd start a thread for any helpful software or scripts. Here's a couple:

Laser URL -Free- Another tool for getting URLs to bid on. Allows you to target by country. Has really nice filtering and sorting options.

Click Clutter -Free in beta- Does a bunch of stuff, but I like it because it allows you to select as many URLs as you like from anywhere and open them in separate browser windows. Great for viewing your URL targets before you bid on them.

Adware Downloads
Gamevance- TrafficVance - Register and download any game. Follow the install instructions.

Zango - Zango Network - Download any game and follow install instructions.

Vomba - Media Traffic - Download a screensaver and follow install instructions.

Post any others if you got 'em.

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Here's a handy Duplicate Keyword remover I use a lot:

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I'm surprised Matt Harward's tool made it across to this circle.

Matt also has a great program called Site Sniper Pro that finds
Adsense websites for placement targeting.

(think PPV meets PPC)

If you understand the power of WHY PPV is so powerful, you'll
also appreciate placement targeting.

Matt's from the Gauher side of things.. for those of you who know
the story of "PPV."

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