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Default Getting Approved To Affiliate Networks

Being relatively new to Affiliate Marketing myself, I can understand the frustration regarding approval to certain affiliate networks. Here's a few tips that have helped me in the past.

  1. WEBSITE- Often times, this is the part of the application process that trips up new affiliates. I usually just enter one of my domains that have nothing to do with my marketing efforts (a blog for instance). Then, in the comments field I say something to the effect of "the site I have entered is not part of my marketing business. I market specifically through PPC and PPV advertising and the sites I use are all offer specific. As a business rule I do not give out these URLs unless the merchant terms require me to do so, or there is a question regarding my traffic quality. I feel that this is a fair business practice and I hope you understand."
  2. TRAFFIC- Usually networks will ask how much traffic you drive to your site(s). I just place a respectable number in this box that is somewhere over their minimum volume.
  3. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US- I try and be as specific as possible here. Just mentioning a high performing member can help you with your acceptance process.
  4. PHONE INTERVIEW- Some networks will require a phone interview. No need to freak out over this, they just want to make sure you are not completely clueless. If they ask you about how you will get traffic to their offers, just say that you market your offers through the major PPC engines. Maybe give some other vague details about how you use landing pages or content sites etc... if they press harder. They will often ask if you are a member of any other networks. I never lie about this, but I do tell them what networks I am involved with. My thinking on this is that they will be more likely to accept you if they think they could be losing business to another network.
  5. INCENTIVES- Sometimes networks will ask you if you offer incentives on your sites. I normally just say no, but if you do offer incentives, make sure and check how the network feels about this. There are some networks that do not allow incentivized traffic.
  6. BE PROACTIVE- Being proactive, meaning being aggressive in getting accepted, is a sign that you are a serious affiliate. Calling up to check on your application process is a good idea. It means that you are eager to get to work on their offers. Once accepted, it is also a good idea to immediately get in touch with your AM to establish a relationship with them. Wallowing in obscurity won't get you much in the way of help with your offers.
  7. RECOMMENDATION- If you can get a recommendation from a high performing affiliate already in the network, this can help quite a bit. It never hurts to ask someone to help you out.

Basically, the general rule here is to be straightforward and to the point. Make sure that when you apply to a network that you at least understand the basic concepts and terms of this business.

If anyone has additional tips or criticisms of my methods, post them below!
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