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Old 04-29-2011, 07:22 PM
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Default Choosing an OFFER....

Choosing the right offer to promote
is the hardest part of creating a profitable campaign.

Yet people never bring this up.
They choose an offer and then scrape a ton of URLS, run
a ton of traffic and hope one will convert like crazy.

But what ends up happening is that they lose money.

I have several methods i use to choose an offer.
I will share this one because its good for new people.

If you have ran a camp on any of the CPV networks,
you will know by now that there are some URLs that have
a ton of traffic.
I mean if you run them and you answer the
phone by the time you come back.....
you bank account can be wiped out.

Go visit these URLs... take a look at the ads
Look at them with an open mind.
If you see a particular ad that just keeps on
coming up.... like for teeth whitening... make a note of that.

chances are that someone smarter than you
made the research or by dumb luck
found that people that visit this site....
love to buy teeth whitening products.
Now make a note of this.... and go thru the other URLS.

At the end.... look at your list.
Keep in mind... these are not just normal URLs
These are high traffic URLs for the specific CPV Network
There will be no problem getting hits from them.

If there is a type of product or service that keeps on coming up.
Then you know what your OFFER should be about.

Then you go to your CPA network and look for an offer that
directly relates to the ads you found. The stronger the direct
relationship your offer has to the ads the stronger the conversions.
and remember the traffic will be there.....

If you don't find a good offer... check sites like offervault to
see who has offers that fit what you are looking for.

Won't the site have too much advertising for that niche already?
Maybe... but their ads will be mostly banners...
and banners are like bringing a knife to a gunfight... the pop up always wins.

There will be URLs that you want to avoid researching...
like facebook.com... google.com ...etc

Hope this helps someone.

If you need any help.... just ask.

Take Care
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banners are like bringing a knife to a gunfight... the pop up always wins.
I love it!

Lots of the Right Traffic + Relevant Offers = Success

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