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Default Alexa got better with iSpionage

I've been using Alexa for a while and found the "Clickstream" tab useful in looking at the Upstream and Downstream sites.

In other words, I can see some of the site names that visitors saw before they came to the site I'm researching on Alexa, and I can see where visitors go afterwards.

I was looking through Alexa today and noticed a change when I clicked the "Search Analytics" tab. There's a lot more "Search Query" data and in mid page, there's a link for more info from iSpionage.

I clicked the iSpionage link and there's some good data there.

Maybe the data has been available a while on Alexa and I just noticed it. Either way, there's useful info there for gathering additional url targets for your campaigns.

Of course, iSpionage is hopeful that once you see their data, that you'll click one of their links for even "more info" so that you'll want to subscribe to their $50/month service. I don't know if the service is worth the cost, but the free data is nice.

Check out Alexa.com and research a site. Good stuff.

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Nice find - I'm going to check out the paid version of iSpionage to see what kind of information they offer.

I'll let you guys know when I do (I'll have the time this week at some point).
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I agree particles!

One of my weak points at this stage is not putting the work into the research.

I generally take the easy way out ("obvious method") and find the easy stuff using scrapers and such.

I need to start looking into each target and find where that traffic comes from (or where its going) and what I can do to to capitalize on it.

I guess I want to see if a target converts first before I spend the extra time/money on it.

On the other hand, better research may provide better focused targets.
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