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Default UPDATE: It's Working - MORE!

Hey guys,

So this is my first week results for October. I think yesterday I lost a bit of money. Not sure why. Guess it's one of those flukes you get. I notice it fluctuates bi-daily. Meaning, I usually have a good day, than an "okay" day, than a good day, than an "okay" day. And, some of those okay days end up being negative days -

Traffic Source(s): Zango (Will move on to other networks later)

Total Spend: $444.27 (Note: I don't think Zango counted maybe $30 - $50 for today's spending so that's not included)

Total Earned: $1,016.12

Net: $571.85

So, assuming that's my average per week, and I don't scale, make new campaigns, expand to other networks, etc - that's roughly $27,500 per year... Which wouldn't include cash back from Amex. I also use the 2% discount for adding funds automatically. Which over a long period of time, will make you a lot more money.

Someone also PM'ed me asking about what networks I'm using. I'm using CPA networks like Azoogle, Incentaclick, ClickBooth, etc. I might be doing some stuff with Linkshare and CJ, but I don't know yet.

A little bit more about my campaigns:

I have about 6 of them promoting different things. One of them, I did differently than all the other ones, and I'm just kind of lazy with the bids. I have like 100+ urls, but all are on manual and probably lower bids than everyone else, so I only get like 10 views a day. But, I've spent maybe $5 total on it, but have made over $80 from that. So, the ROI is still great.

I like to bid on order pages as recommended by I believe Harry

I don't use any keywords (yet). Just URLs. I also like to bid on variations of the same url. Like if it was examplesite.com/orderpage.html - I would also bid on examplesite.com/orderpage. Another example:


Most of the traffic is of course the main domain, but I still get a decent amount of traffic from the other variations. And, the other variations aren't usually being bid on. So if you find a site that's let's say $0.212 per view (which is high IMHO), and you bid with the /, index, and index.php or index.html - you can get the same exact URL for the lowest bid possible.

As far as what I'm promoting? It really doesn't matter. There's thousands of things you can promote, and there's millions of people using the software that makes the popups. Millions of people are all going to buy different things. So, you can bank on pretty much anything.

One thing that's very, very important is the offer rotation. I tried Zango before and failed. And aside from doing a few things wrong, I think the offer rotation makes a HUGE difference.

Another personal opinion is promoting higher ticket items. For example, if you promote a $50 commission compared to a $10 commission, you can spend 5x more, technically. I mean, if a $10 commission converted 5x better than a $50 commission, it wouldn't really matter - but I like being able to have a lot of room to test and say "Well, I can spend x amount of dollars before I make AT LEAST one sale..."

I'll do another update at the end of the month. Hopefully it will be a positive one! And, thanks coach for this forum! It feels great to profit consistently!

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I want to thank you very much for your post because as someone who is just trying to get their first campaign approved as I write this, it means a lot to hear what you had to share. I also, in offering my thanks, do not want to leave out the rest of the group that has been so generous with their assistance. And, to Coach, thank you for helping make this possible.
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thanks for the update.
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Congrats and Great job!

If you build it, they will come.

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Awesome keep it up!
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