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Default First Win$, and Learning Lessons

Promoted an offer direct linking on leadimpact, made $34, but spent about $60.

Test in smaller batches, I started campaign with about 1100 URLs. I think 10-50 targets is appropriate. eliminate words who's spend is equal to what the payout is.

Only use 1 offer per campaign, i had a campaign going where I also included dating offers and I think it's best to use 1 offer per campaign. With in that campaign you can make another "ad group" and just include the keywords that convert, this way you can look in one place to manage bids.

Win: Set up Tracking202.com and got that working, however, I created a landing page and ran that instead of DLing, would have been better to split test.

that's all for now.
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Great stuff bro!
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Nice! You are on your way to making this a huge success!

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Experience is the most important here... Don't worry, you did not spend a lot of money, but now you have your legs wet and you know how to improve your campaigns. Keep working!
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