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Default First Success


Stats from last couple of days:

Ad spent: $14.75
Revenue: $124.75
Net: $110.00

First of : Big thanks to " particles " here for giving me a "workaround" my tracker issues.

Network used : Media Traffic; the odd thing here is that almost all conversion came from single keywords - not urls.

Traffic seems to be very unpredictable - can vary from single digits one day to a couple of hundreds the next. Maybe there is a type of "week day" pattern. I'll keep on monitoring.

next I am going to move this campaign to Zango - while I am still waiting on a response from Traffic Vance ( maybe they don't want my $500 )

Thanks for everybody's help here -

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Congrats Michael!

Nice ROI. Maybe you can scale that campaign as well, especially since you're using KWs
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Hey congrats! that's really great to hear...no luck with Media Traffic here yet.

What's the work around with the tracker that helped?

My php links are set up because my url's/keywords are showing, but I can't get my costs from Media Traffic to show on the tracker. I was careful to upload my revenue stats first and then Media Traffic .cvs last, but I get all the errors and no costs.
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Congrats Michael!

I'm glad things are working well for you. It feels good to see a plan come together.

Lycos -- the short answer to the workaround is to use the tracker and then gather the subids from your CPA network reports and go into PHPMyadmin and search under each subid. If you need exact details of what I sent to Michael, PM me and I'll send it to you also.

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