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Default first lead using ppv


i am really exciting about ppv. I made first sale using ppv. it cost me around $3.5 which makes $2.3. its a negative ROI but still much better than nothing. Its really a good start for me. I never tried PPV before. Even heared about 2 years ago from my friend but tried it now. Feeling much better than advertise Using ppc. I am not even doing tracking right now. Once i start tracking it will reduce the cost and increase the profit.

I have just 2 questions from Masters.
1. Do u think we must use LP instead of DL. I Used DL, can we bid of advertiser's official site? i tried but Company rejected the keyword. May be LP help here.
2. How can i track the clicks conversion ? If will much better if get information with Videos!

Well thank you Wishing all of You Best of luck!
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Congrats on your first sale.
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That first sale is the best one! Keep on moving forward and trying new campaigns. You must get tracking your keywords or will never know which keywords are converting.
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Congrats! The first one is always the hardest to get.

Now it's time to get a whole lot more.
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Landing page vs direct to merchant page -- Use what works

Most of my stuff is landing pages.

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Originally Posted by particles View Post

Landing page vs direct to merchant page -- Use what works

Most of my stuff is landing pages.

i use LP most of the time, great to say yr success story. I also want to know how to track conversion as well.
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Congrats and take that as a building block towards success. No worries. But How and where are you advertising these ppv?

You can use link shortner like goo.gl /bit.ly for you track the clicks... Not sure about conversion at the moment.
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