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Default [Case Study]Why being nice to your audience doesn't pay off.


Recently while browsing BoxOfAds.com content and looking for new angles to test out. I came across numerous campaigns that throw plenty of clickable elements into the LP, but don't track each separately. It's not hard to do via most popular trackers and based on our test it makes a huge difference.

What we did was create simple landing page with:
-Close Button on upper right corner
-inContent CTA
-CTA Button

To do a split test, we created a landing page without tracking those elements. For more experienced users, our results won't be shocking or ground breaking, but you would be surprised how many “long term” campaigns are not doing it

The landing Page without option tracking got an insane CTR of 17%...pretty good for PPV traffic But the magic happened when we added tracking to those elements. 95% of our clicks were on the close button which of course was redirecting to our offer. What this creates is an illusion of a high CTR landing page.

The lesson from this is, that you need to track every element. It won't take that much longer to set up different tracking links within a landing page Especially when you have just spent 30 minutes creating it.
Example of LPs

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