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  1. just started a new campaign for this on leadImpact
  2. Have you been sending emails to your horoscope list?
  3. Is This Still Legit?
  4. Compete.com
  5. International Campaigns
  6. Some Questions
  7. Anybody out there?
  8. For 'Crush' offers have no idea what type of sites to target
  9. Wotogepa only has 1 horoscope offer
  10. First Campaign
  11. Started
  12. I want to buy MediaTraffic and Traffic Vance Advertising
  13. URLs being denied
  14. How to use tracker for SubIDs with Market Leverage?
  15. 3 URLs Question
  16. first campaign launched
  17. Destination Campaing URL when Rotating Offers
  18. AdonNetwork Question
  19. Direct Linking
  20. Horoscope Offer Alternatives
  21. Getting the URLs ...
  22. First Day here with questions
  23. To target demographics or keywords?
  24. credit card photocopy?
  25. Is this still working?
  26. A few questions..
  27. Urls Help a little frustrated
  28. Need Help Somethings Not Working
  29. Is Offer Database Showing Non PPV Offers Also?
  30. Need answers to 35 questions?
  31. Direct to Offer or Meta Refresh Help
  32. Anyone Using Creatives?
  33. Is Canada considered an international English speaking country?
  34. stupid newbie question - can't find network ids
  35. What's a ballpark conversion ratio/ROI when starting out?
  36. International URL Question
  37. Horoscope Clarifications
  38. this is kind of weird...
  39. This may help people...
  40. Not working for me. Need advice. Here's my stats.
  41. Crush, love offers
  42. What kind of Keywords to choose?
  43. PPV conversion rates?
  44. Following Months Question...
  45. How do I figure out the potential of different networks?
  46. Keyword Phrases Vs. URL Bidding?
  47. Which Contextual Networks Are Best For This Month?
  48. I'm excited, yet frustrated beyond belief with tracking! Please help!
  49. Zango - No Rotation allowed?
  50. Subids explained
  51. Philosophy
  52. Never blue links problem
  53. URL and Keywords
  54. Question To Coach
  55. Horoscope questions
  56. Horoscope Offers
  57. TIP: Make sure you're targetting the right stuff
  58. I think we are trying to outbid each other LOL!
  59. Reason for the slow and steady approach to start.
  60. If you're not getting much Internation traffic...
  61. UK Horoscope Offers
  62. It's been almost a week, any good urls yet?
  63. How's it coming?
  64. Tracking With Zango and Clicksor
  65. first questions..
  66. Does Horoscope mean love predictor?
  67. International Friendly Networks
  68. Welcome to Month 1