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Old 04-05-2012, 07:30 AM
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I am new to PPV. Sorry for dump question

Just to know I see most of "Email/Zip Submit CPA Offers" itself look like landing page. Is it necessary to build another landing for Email/Zip Submit?
For example I have Email/Zip Submit offer for free Iphone. For me direct link LP is looking good.

I have one doubt on Email/Zip Submit
1. If we have LP for Email/Zip Submit. We need to send the user aging to new landing page where they need to enter their Email/Zip.
PPV -->>OWN-LP--->>Affiliate Email/Zip offer LP (Is this right direction)
PPV--->>Own-LP iframe it with Affiliate Email/Zip offer -- (Is this right direction)
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Old 08-09-2012, 10:10 PM
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Default new to cpv

Hello, I was looking at your fantastic way to use email submits etc. I have been working on these and other cpv on leadimpact from peerfly. I used about 700.00 and got back 38.00 but anyway Questions? They keep saying at (leadimpact)make your own landing page and you will see much better results. I am baffled. I look at the web page the company made up i am trying to promote and they look great to me. I just don't understand that mine would be better. Now if you make your own landing page (i can't) don't you have to have a domain name,hosting company etc. if this is so making a landing page say for the 30 campaigns i am now promoting would be tough right?.(by the way they made me 0.00 in last three days) I change them and try new ones etc. I am a newbie at this cpv. I want it but feel stupid and losing ground. Mabye i should be asking who could set this up for me(i seen a site called fiverr for five bucks they do much. I will appreciate any advise when you can answer me. (I even posted a craigs list ad asking for any people that do this or that have meetings like a club i can't be the only one) thanks Harry Endres, Port st lucie, florida. I will check here for an answer or any advise from anyone. or my email . harryendres@comcast.net
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Old 10-12-2012, 03:37 PM
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Awesome video! Thank you for sharing it. I am somewhat new to all this and your help is much appreciated. Thanks again!
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Old 10-12-2012, 04:02 PM
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You are very welcome!
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Old 04-01-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by rayman View Post
Hello Denmaster,

Thanks for the very good video who have.

Anyway this is my first post and love to read here in this forum for more tricks.

I'm new in affiliate marketing and have started with CPV over 2-3 weeks now. But I was unfortunate and very un-lucky because I don't get even a single lead with zip/email submit. I was in directcpv and just yesterday in leadimpact. I can't register to traffic vance due to high deposit.

I would to know what url is your landing page? Can you give the codes you use like the php code, the countdown, the date if that is okay with you? Also the nice button.

You can pm me.

I'm so frustrated now because I can't get lead and I need to make money.

Hope you will help me.
Hi there Rayman , I myself am relatively new to PPV , and have had trials and errors on my own . I initially thought running direct linking campaigns on LeadImpact was a good idea as well . But I would suggest you try taking any of your affiliate URLs and try it out on Popitfast.com . I shows you how your pop-up would look like when your ad is triggered . And once I tried it , I new immediately why I wasn't converting . Firstly , the size of the pop-up for LeadImpact is 800x600 or 775x400 dependant on the person's computer settings . What this means is that only a small portion of your offer page is shown when you are direct linking . That's terrible . And I understand the thought that how is it possible that you would make landing pages look better than the offer page itself ? It's true , things like these need time to pick up . However the advantages of using a landing page outweigh all consequences .
Here are a few reasons that I feel are crucial .

1)The ability to customize what is shown to your traffic . There are tons of ways to improve your ROI by simply incorporating a few new features to your landing page . For example , like shown in the video by Denmaster , audio and dynamic url insertion amongst many other things .

2)Page load time . If your pop-up takes too long to load , your pop-ups may run the risk of being closed before the person even sees what you have to offer . I tested the load time of an offer page on Pingdom.com and it came up to about 1.5-1.8 seconds . Which might not seem like much , but for a user who is constantly attacked with pop-ups , it take less than that to close the pop-up . I test my landing page load time which is hosted on a shared hosting server on hostgator and clocked in around 0.5-0.8 seconds . Which is a tremendous leap in load time . I'm sure it affects your ROI overall for sure .

3)Make better ad copies than your offer page . Believe it or not , it isn't impossible at all . In fact , I feel that if you follow a few simple rules , your offer should convert better than direct linking immediately .
A)Have an extremely eye-catching image . In my case it tends to usually be some image of a woman .
B)Eye-catching Headline . Make it big , make it bright , and make sure it's relevant.
C)Personalize your pop-up , be it by including today's date , the website's name , the state your traffic is from .

All these factors added together make using a landing page far superior to direct linking an offer . Especially if you are using LeadImpact . I hope all of this helps and PM me if you need any help or have any questions !
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