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Default Still A Bit Confused

In Month 2 I am going to choose some offers and target their order page. That I understand, but what link am I going to use as my ppv popup.

Lets just say Im going to promote the sales page of a clickbank product. Burn the fat, the link would look like this:


im just pretending my name is apples. Now if I bid with this it will have my affiliate link, but it will take them back to the sales page. How do I bid on the order page with my affiliate link and still have them be on the order page?

I know Im missing something here, but I appreciate the help.

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There was another post about this where someone linked to a video that explained how to do it. If its a standard clickbank link, you go to the sales page and right click the order button but with the site you've chosen you can't do that. If it was a standard link then it would look like this:


I think because there is the option of 2 different products they have masked it somehow.

Sorry, haven't been much help. Anyone else?

- Jill
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Here's the video you were referring to, it's from a thread in the month 2 forum :


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