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Default Month 2 Method :: Pay Per Sale Products

Pay Per Sale & PPV

This method is where ppv really works very well. Also, I don't claim ownership of this method, as I use it, but I'm sure I didn't invent it. When bidding on url's, you are NOT limited in anyway to just bidding on the base url. (As we all know by now). So let's take advantage of that. You've all seen the results of the url scraper now and notice that urls don't just turn up like this:


There are also results in there like this:


I think you can tell what we're going to be doing here. Instead of bidding on the broad base url, let's dig a bit deeper and bit on the order page instead. I'll even give out a real life example. Go to this page:


This is the site of that stupid ebook that claims you can get google ads for free and I'll save you all the suspense, he says to put ads on your landing pages to offset the cost of adwords. Brilliant? No. A sucker magnet for cheap sales by making ridiculous promises, definitely. It's several pages of basic garbage. Anyhow, if we wanted to target the people who are bright enough to buy this too good to be true rag, we would never target the broad url. Instead we would target this:


This is the url of the order page for this product. It's that simple. The roi using this method is pretty damn good. Your urls are laser targeted and you're only showing order pages to people who already clicked the buy link. In that sense it's brilliant. The down side is this is not the most ethical method out there, but that is a personal decision you need to make. This is not a new method and contrary to what others may say, it's been around for years. (I don't take credit for things I didn't invent, as you know). I will say that THIS is what some people were using very successfully months ago with CJ, but I'm not sure whether they actually got paid or not since CJ doesn't really like this traffic.

Here's a couple things to consider when using this method:

1.) Your campaign has ONE url in it, (the order page), so basically tracking isn't needed, you know where the sale came from.
2.) How many pay per sale products exist in the world? Hundreds of thousands. So if you find you're competing with someone else in a bidding war, it means you didn't get creative enough in your product selection.
3.) Clickbank products work well for this and as far as I know they accept contextual traffic. If in doubt, double check with them though to be safe.
4.) Private pay per sale affiliate programs are the absolute best for this. How do you find these private affilite programs? GOOGLE the product, visit the page and look for the "affiliates" link at the bottom of the page. I've got some running with zero competition because it's not an offer that's run on any affiliate network. Products that have their own in house affiliate programs are the best ones in the world. You have very little competition, (besides guys like me) and you get a lot of personal attention. SO before complaining about too many people using a technique or traffic source, look at what you're promoting. If it's what everyone else does, then you found you problem.
5.) Dating is another HUGE area for this method. You may run into trouble if you're bidding on the say true.com and opening a true.com registration page, but nothing is stopping you from bidding on eharmony.com and popping up a true.com registration page.
6.) You MUST start more then one campaign with this method.
7.) Your goal should be to get 10 different products going using this. Some will flop, some will breakeven, some will prosper.
8.) Think outside the box.
9.) Imagine you had 1,000 of these going for 1,000 Clickbank products? The upside is endless.
10.) You have no more excuses for ppv not working.

I know there will be questions and here's a quick run down of how I approach this method. I start with one traffic network, get 5 to 10 going in a day. (Since it's easy to set them up.) I will then wait for them to be approved, but the next day I'll launch another 5 to 10 on a different network. By the time I'm launching my second batch, my first batch should be approved and running. I can then see pretty quickly what is working and what isn't. If you need some help watching your stats, I highly recommend stats remote. Anyhow, I'll do this for 5 days straight, launching 5 to 10 per network so I have batches going on all five now. I am always shocked at my results. Things I thought may not work, work well, things I thought would just rock and roll, end up stinking. The key is finding pay per sale deals that are not saturated. If you can do that, you're not going to need to use any other methods.

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