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Default Let's put on our blackhats...

Ok so I am interested in some http referrer info.

Let's say I didn't want a network seeing that my traffic is coming from a contextual source...let's say trafficvance...I am thinking something like this:

I'd create a site that would be my landing page. When the page was triggered by trafficvance, it would look at the referrer (in this case it would be gamevance.com). If it detects gamevance.com it will wait 5 seconds and then do a meta refresh to my affiliate link. If it doesn't detect gamevance.com as the referrer, it will simply display the regular site.

I'm pretty sure this would work for the purpose of redirecting, but what would the network see on their end? Would my intermediary site show up as the referring site or would the gamevance carry over. Would a php header redirect hide my referrer?

I am looking to you tech savvy members for some guidance =)
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