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Default If I'm not doing self-targeting

I just read the Month 2 today and I'm not all that clear with it. That said, if I choose NOT to self target then I will bid on product #1 order page and then I would pop up competing product #2 when the surfer presses the buy link for product #1. Is this correct so far?

If it is correct, is my pop up for competing product #2 going to be the regular sales page or the order page for product #2 (in either case,with my affiliate id)? To me, it doesn't make sense to be the order page for product #2 because the surfer hasn't seen the product description for it yet.

Also, the url for Product #1's order page is probably very long, so we should be doing a php redirect as Coach suggested in an earlier thread? Are there other methods?

Any help on this would be appreciated.
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