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Default Can we bid on links that have a redirect?

Sorry if this is someone's link, i'm just using it as an example. So here is my question: if I want to bid on the following link to an order page: http://www.tobeinformed.com/A/go/kar...teethwhitening

This is the link I get when I right click (on the order button) and choose copy link location (this is before I click the link). Will bidding on this link work? Or do I need to bid on the new link after it redirects?

If I click on the link above it redirects me to this link: http://coupon.idolbeauty.com/B578A7C...854&serialized[http_ref_over]=&serialized[custom_site_id]=0&serialized[cpa_flag]=0&cp_code=&cid=&api_opt1=33060&api_opt2=tbik&api_ opt3=12EzBG9&frame=1&serialized[store_name]=&reload=

Obviously the second link is too long to bid on. Will the first link work?

So I guess I'm asking whether or not I can bid on a link that has a redirect, and which link should I always bid on, the new redirect link or the old link?


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I would bid on both

The first link is one persons affiliate redirect link and in all honesty, will probably garner you little to no traffic on CPV, but it might be worth a try. as for the second link, I would shorten it up and bid on "coupon.idolbeauty.com"
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