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Default Is there any coaching service recommend?

Hi All,

I admit that I am a lazy guy, I just always find that I get lost and easily get frustrated.
Sometimes, I jump from method A then to method B in the IM market. And finally nothing done. Here is what I achieve in this year!

I have been doing SEO since early of this year, but as I find that it takes time to have result, after launching around 20 mini sites of different niches (moneytize by Google adsense and Amazon affiliate). Money keep rolling in adsense and amazon, but the amount is too small till now.

I started to do CPA marketing by ppv around July, and find that my profit is not big. And then I use a whole month to create Video for CPA offer (around 20 videos a day). And there are in fact got conversion, but really not big profit.
And one day I heard Halloween will be a hot season, I launch 10 sites with Halloween related niche, mostly costumes. And afterall, I get even less than 100 in this Halloween.
At the same time, I keep doing CPA in Sept & Oct, and finally, by luck, really a luck that I get a 3 consecutive big day with daily profit up to USD 600.
But then, this luck just ran away as the offer is no longer avaliable, I find that I lost my drive again.

I believe I need someone to guide me to cut the noise over the market, someone that can stop me from walking away from my goal and of course encouraging me to keep doing it!

Is there anyone can help?

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We are here to help :-) Unfortunately, the nature of affiliate marketing is a series of ups and downs. You have seen now that you can make a ton of cash real quick by earning $600/day. That is a HUGE step! Some people never get to that level, but you did because of your hard work and commitment.

The only thing I can say is KEEP IT UP. You are already successful and you now have a ton of web properties built up that you can use year after year. We are here to answer any questions you have and we will also try to keep you motivated
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Ringo, you can do it. Just walk away for a minute when you get frustrated or overwhelmed. Read a book, go to a movie, do something that will distract you...meditate...whatever...that usually helps me when I feel like I'm buried in work but spinning in circles.

denmaster is right, this is just the nature of affiliate marketing, but the key is to keep throwing up campaigns and learning the niches you're working in.
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You are guilty of quitting 2 feet from the finish line.

My advice, unsubscribe from every list you're on from "gurus", don't read blogs, don't read any public forums and just do one task that is profitting for you for more then a month straight.

Everything you said above indicates they're all working, but then you get sidetracked and quit doing them. Keep going. Don't quit because you think something else is better. There's way too many options out there and doing a million things means you're never going to make big money unless you get one up and running making a decent amount before moving onto the next.
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