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Default Buying a .us domain - SEO

Hi guys!

I don't live in the US and yesterday I bought a .us domain on namecheap.
I want to build an SEO page on that domain.
Today I was reading about it on wikipedia and I found this:
"Under .US Nexus Requirements .US domains may be registered only by the following qualified entities:
-Any United States citizen or resident,
-Any United States entity, such as organizations or corporations,
-Any foreign entity or organization with a bona fide presence in the United States
To ensure that these requirements are met, NeuStar frequently conducts "spot checks" on registrant information."
.us domains do not have whoisguard on namecheap so I can be caught easily.
Is it dangerous?Or in the worst case scenario I just lose the domain?
Are .us domains good for SEO purposes?
I want to buy more domains and do SEO with them.Is .net or .org better?


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i would think they would take away your domain if they caught you, not sure exactly what would happen

as far as for SEO, whether its a .com, .net or .us as long as you have backlinks and a content rich page, its all good
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The .us domain will do very little to help you target the US for SEO purposes. Hosting your site within the US will do far more.
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Default .US

Yes unless it is a very targetted one or two word domain the .US probably will not do much for you.

You will always be better off with a .Com I guess if you have to go to .Net and if it's appropriate a .Org, it seems .Co's are getting some legitimacy because of O.co doing TV commercials.

As far as owning the .US, you won't get in any trouble. In fact, if you already purchased it, you should be fine. I tried to buy Cash.Asia and Invest.Asia and they were available and they wouldn't let me purchase them because I didn't have an Asian passport.

I'm pretty sure once you own the domain, you're good!
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Yes, I think only people from US have local business in US can have .us domain
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