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Default Adware! Spyware! Beware!

It's kind of funny how just a couple of years ago, I used to be the one trying to remove spyware and adware from people's computers. I used to work as a PC Technician and IT Consultant getting rid of this stuff.

I used to talk with co-workers about why this stuff even exists and the people that promote this stuff are invading people's privacy!

I never knew that I would be on the other side installing it and promoting stuff through this type of media. I see this in a totally different light now. At least the downloads are a little more upfront about showing popups through their software. I think before the installs were a bit more covert than today.

Anyway.. just thought I'd share!
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What you describe is the difference between the two. BUT most people lump adware and spyware into the same mix because they don't know the difference. Spyware is malicious and installed without permission. Adware has permission.

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