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Default A New, very useful, exclusive tool!

We have just released a new tool that I think is very cool and will help you with building your targets and expanding on your winners.

This is the Similar Sites Tool. It is very simple; just put in a url and it will return sites that are similar. So, if you are looking for sites like cnn.com, just enter www.cnn.com and let the tool go to work for you.

Another advantange of this is to use it to find new targets based on winners you have. So, if www.accountnowvisa.com is a converter for you, simply enter it in to find more sites like that one.

This tool is not found on any other site (yet) that I know of and is an exclusive for you guys here at CPV Den!
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- lucas
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very hot!!!!
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Wow - that's an awesome looking tool.

I have some URLs that are converting really well for certain campaigns.

I'm going to use this to expand by finding similar sites to the ones that are converting.
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