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Default The Day Has Arrived! 7,000+ Posts Now!

It is with great pleasure to announce to our loyal member base first that the acquisition of cpvcoach.com is complete and the content is now live on our forum.

You will find over 7000 posts now of quality material accumulated over 2 years that is found nowhere else.

As a quick overview, we have merged posts into forums that make sense (like the 3000 posts in the General Discussion forum and posts in the individual network forums). We have also added new techniques to the case studies category as well as all of the other info that was brought over.

Make sure you check out the TIPS forum for some incredible tips found nowhere else!

We also created a CPVCoach Archive section with forums and posts that don't make much sense to our site (like forums about CPVCoach tools, etc) but feel free to read through that stuff as well.

Lastly, jump on the bandwagon now and become an affiliate! We are about to grow this place and you all should get a piece of the pie for being here early in the process Enjoy!
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Cool... I think I've read most of those

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Heyyyy I think I love you but what am I so afraid of
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IMO This is a HUGE step for you guys, take a night off, have a drink, cigar and pat yourselves on the back. Then get back to work tomorrow!

Good work guys, as always if you need anything let me know!
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Definitely awesome guys!

Congratulations for sure - there's a lot of gems in those posts.
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Good to see all that knowledge and questions and answers did not go to waste.

Good job guys!
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