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Default When to cut a url.

Ok i have a question people keep saying run the offer till the cost is 3 times the payout. Now is that per url or total.

For example:

I bid on google.com it brings in 700 visits and 5 clicks and no conversions yet the cost of that url alone is now more than triple what the offer is paying.

Yet down the list i have lets say yahoo.com and it has 70 visits 6 clicks and a conversion putting it in the plus by 3.50 Cents.

Now im already paying more than i have made running this offer on just google alone yet i have one url that is in the green.

Now do i abandon the campaign and offer and move on or do i suck up my loss of money and keep plugging?

Perhaps its just me realizing that its quite possible now to drop $300+ on one campaign before i ever see it hit green on a daily bases if i do it by 3 times the payout for all the urls which doesnt seem to be a fair assessment of the urls that dont bring in much traffic but get a conversion or 2 and are in the green.

Thanks for reading any opinion on my train of thought at this would be appreciated.
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I normally spend 3x (or more) the offer payout on the campaign in total before deciding what to do. As far as individual URL's, I see what the average URL is converting at. So say I am spending $1 for every conversion on average for my URL's. I will usually cut any url that spends much above that. You just don't want to start cutting too quickly because sometimes a URL will convert and have a positive ROI with a higher spend than your other URL's on average.
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