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Default Question: What is CPV/PPV marketing?

CPV/PPV marketing is promoting products and services to people who have downloaded adware from the company you are buying traffic from. For example, you download a toolbar from Lead Impact, Lead Impact will now show you ads on your computer when you type in certain keywords or visit certain urls. This means it's a very targeted traffic source.

Adware is NOT spyware. They are two very different things. One is downloaded with the users permission, the other is not. Spyware is used for typically malicious purposes and some internet users do not distinguish or cannot distinguish between the two. Adware can also be called "Permission based" marketing since the user gave the company permission to show them ads when downloading their toolbar.

It has two names because of a marketer who incorrectly called it "pay per view" a long time ago. This seemed to catch on, but is technically not the right term for the traffic. The correct term is "CPV" or cost per view. Either term is accepted though, but one is technically the right term the other is industry jargon.
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