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Default Question: Should I Use A Landing Page or Direct Link?

First we'll define each. A landing page is a page you design, (or have designed) and host. You control exactly what is shown or not shown on it and can be used to "pre sell" the clicker on the offer you are promoting. A direct link means you are sending the clicker right through to the merchants site using your affiliate link, (so you get credit), directly. There is no pre selling and you have no control over anything on the page.

My personal preference is to ALWAYS use a landing page.

Mind you, this is just my opinion, but with the increased amount of competition out there and the majority doing direct linking, I think using your own landing page will give you an advantage.

The reason I say this is a lot of competitors are all doing the exact same thing right now. They're all bidding on the same keywords, same urls and using the same direct links to the same merchants website. So look at it from the potential customers point of view. They can't distinguish between your campaign and your competitors, since you are all doing the exact same, showing the exact same page to the exact same audience over and over and over again.

Now, when someone comes along and changes one thing, (ie makes their own landing page), all of the sudden the potential customer sees something different. That may pique their interest and result in a click of your ad, (which is what you want). All because you took the extra time to take the extra step of making your own landing page.

Don't get confused here, doing a landing page for CPV traffic is like doing one for Google Adwords back about 5 years ago. You don't need any links besides your affiliate link and you can make it a marketing site instead of something that Adwords forces you to do. You could even do up a 500 x 500 image and put it on a domain you own as your landing page. The key is DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
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breakdance (04-18-2011)
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Hello Admin,

Can you please suggest us some tools which will help us to create some landing pages? Obviously Newbie Friendly.. If will much better if you can show some landing page as an example.

This will actually help all newbie. I am also a newbie in PPV. CPC have very tough competition these days as compared to PPV.
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This should help :-)

Just Added 32 Landing Page Templates!
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Originally Posted by denmaster View Post
Thank you master
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What I do is first i direct link the offer and once it converts I rotate it with 2 or more landing pages!!
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If I capture the name/email from my landing page, is there a way to pre-populate these fields on the CPA page? I assume this could be passed through as URL paramaters from Aweber (or whoever), but do the CPA networks have something in place to accept this and populate the fields?
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