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Default Newbie Question about conversion, Experts please help


Its been about 2 weeks I started using PPV and I have some doubts regarding the conversion and offer selection. I would like to get some expert advice on the same.

1. According to this post Are Your Conversion Rates Good Enough... the typical conversion rate on Email and Zip submits are like 2% (which is considered good). Now, most of these email and zip submits I see are paying just around $1.20 or $1.30 and the PPV cost per url is like $0.015 to 0.017. So if I have like 1% conversion on a url which cost $0.017, then I am spending like $1.7 to earn $1.2? So, when can an email submit become profitable?

2. Continuation to the above question, what amount of payouts I should look for while selecting offers to be run on PPV networks?

3. I was told that I should always look for offers that are doing well. But if I am bidding on an url, is there chances that people already have made money with the same offer using the same url? In that case, will the people still sign up and I be making profit?

I will really appreciate some input on this one.

Thank you.
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Hey... You can bid from $0.004 per view. source: "Our CPV bidding system begins at just $0.004 USD to help reach customers at a cost-effective rate. "
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That is why I do not do email submits....
the profit is just not there ... in my opinion.
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Send a message via AIM to Kraggy

Managing costs and improving conversion rates is one way to approach submits on CPV. Another is to do use offers together in imaginative ways. For example you can use a Biz-opp offer with a higher payout but a tougher conversion threshold with an email submit offer such as InboxDollars. That way the email submit can help supplement the earnings on the Biz-opp and pay for some of the traffic, at least while testing.
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