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Question New target: conversion...later...NOTHING! ???


Couple of times I noticed right after I start a campaign that the new target converts 1-2..3 times right on the beginning but later on...nothing.

I suppose it has to do something with constantly showing the same ad doesn't make people curious, interested in the ad.

Have you met similar situation?
What is your solution to make the initial conversion last longer?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
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Hey qasy,

A lot of times when you start a new campaign you may get targets that will get a conversion right away or get a target that starts to convert well at first. After a few more views you notice that the CR is dropping and it isn't maintaining a steady CR.

This happens quite a bit, you may have the odd person that ended up converting for you on that offer and landing page combo, but the numbers aren't consistent. Targets like this you must leave and not get "Married" to them. If it converted in the first 100 views lets say and you had a 1-2% CR and after getting 300 views there still has not been a second conversion, it is safe to assume it should be dropped. Although the CR you need depends a lot on the offer payout.

Learning to let these targets go is essential, a lot of times new affiliates get stuck on a target that converted once and continue to spend money on it when it really should have been dropped a lot earlier. Try not to lose your shirt on these kind of targets.

Hope I helped out
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check your intervals too. if it's a site with a lot repeat visitors you might want to space those views out.

- lucas
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That is solid advice given by anthony...

Don't fall in love with the targets.
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...it seems many times "i want to believe" in a target profitability...and that's a mistake.

thanks for the advice!
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