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Default Mailing to your email lists when captured...


When you capture email address, and knowing that a lot of them wouldn't have followed through to fill in the cpa offer, how long would you wait to send them another similair CPA offer and whats the best way to make sure that the list doesn't go stale and non-responsive.

Would it be a good idea to send them maybe some free information or informative articles realted to their interest to warm them up and then follow through with a CPA offer?

Just trying to figure out the best course of action to take, any help would be really appreciated.

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I think that it's always best to send related information in between offers... You want to retain your list subscribers for as long as possible. If you just bombard them with offers, you will loose subscribers quickly... But if you actually give them something of value, then they will be more prone to sticking around and listening to your recommendations. Also you should contact them fairly quickly after they have joined your list... After all they do want the information you have to offer...
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