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Default Keywords like 'buy' 'get'

Can someone please show me the post here where it talks about bidding on keywords such as 'buy,' or 'get,' or ' purchase,' for a certain type of offer. I searched but nothing really came up.

What are those called? Keywords that show interest in an offer..
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yeah those are buying keywords. If someone is typing that into anything online then odds are they have money in hand and are ready to buy.

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Those words are reffered to as having a high OCI (online commerciality index) or just high intent. Bing use to have a great tool for this but they have discontinued it . There are still some tools floating around that will give you the OCI of a keyword or phrase but the only tool really needed is YOU. As you are thinking of words related to this beware of the deceiving ones like "cheap" alot of people may think this is someone ready to buy but more times than not it is some person price shopping that will either buy somewhere else or not buy at all. Try to think of what someone would be searching if they already had their credit card out ready to purchase whatever they are searching for.
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