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Default I'm making $$ but now I'm stuck with my new software "prosper202". Help me Seniors..

Hi Friends

Actually this my very post here...

I made some $$$ with PeerFly, and this ecouraged me to invest in prosper202.
Anyway, now I have an issue with this P202.

My main issue with prosper 202 is that I don't know why in my prosper202 my urls links are not showing in the "ANALYZE" tab and instead it is showing "%Keyword%. (see the pic)

Here is a brief of what I did when setting up my prosper202 for my CPA campaign (I am stating these things becasue I suspect that they are the reasons behind my issue with propser 202):

1. Firstly, I have placed "the simple global tracking pixel" from prosper 202, in my CPA network (Peerfly) at the "Place Tracking Pixel/Script" section.
And my "simple global tracking pixel" look like this:
<img height="1" width="1" border="0" style="display: none;" src="http://XXXXXX.info/tracking202/static/gpx.php?amount=" />
Did I do it rightly or wrongly?

2. When I set up my Prosper 202, I have to fill in the "add traffic source accounts and pixels" section as a second a step. Anyway, I am still doubtful about what I did here for LeadImpact case. What I did was:
1- I selected for Pixel Type : Java script
2- I put for Pixel Code: the following code that I got from LeadImpact
<script src='https://cts.zroitracker.com/Conversion.aspx?cpid=XXXXX'></script>
Is what I did right or wrong?

3. I have also done something which I am doubtful about.
When adding my campaign in prosper202, I added my affiliate link in the following way:
is my way of using [[subid]] right or wrong?

4. In my LeadImpact account I did not check the "keyword pass-through" as instead I only added %Keyword% at the end of the tracking link which was generated by prosper 202. So this link now look like this:
Is this right or wrong?

5-Finally, I did iframed my CPA offer.
But I did something which I am not sure if it is right or wrong. Here is what I did :
After uploading my iframe html code to my server and pointing it toward my domain, I used my domain to be the landing page url in LeadImpact.
This means that, I took "http://XXXXXXX.info/iframe.html" and place it in LeadImpact as my landing page url instead of my CPA network (peerfly) long/short link.
Is this right or wrong?
(Please note that in my html coding, I included my link that was generated by prosper202 with %keyword% and not Peerfly short/long url)

Please help me.... becasue I search in the internet and could not find an answer to my issue. So you are my last resort....

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