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Default How to get started?

Hi guys,

I've read the whole day about how I can make money with CPV, and now I have regged my account with the network called AdOn Network. They should be the cheapest to start with?

I got accounts on various CPA networks with offers that are ready for me to promote. But I just can't figure out where to start? I've found a nice "Short Form Lead"-offer for the new Sony PSP. And I want to get started and promoting that one.

What to do now? I got my offer what should I do next? Can anyone make me some guidelines to get started like:
1. register at ad networks and cpa networks
2. find offer to promote
3. blah blah blah.
4. blah blah blah.

What about direct linking the ads? Is that a good idea or do I have to make a landing page and after that sending the visitor to the offer page?

Hope you guys can help me with some guidelines so I can get started and run my first ad..
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Now that you have an offer you want to promote, you will need to pick your targets. This means demographic research to find decent keywords or URLs to target with your ad. Once you have a decent list of targets you will submit your campaign to AdOn and begin to test it out. Don't forget to set up some sort of tracking or you'll never know how your campaign is really doing and you won't be able to optimize properly. As far as direct linking, I've had more success with landing pages rather than just poping a direct link. Although I have heard many people who have had success with direct linking. I think it really depends on the offer you are running and the targets you choose. Some will prefer a landing page and others will prefer a direct link. When in doubt.... Split test and you'll be able to find out what really performs best for you. Hope this helps a bit... Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.
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