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Default How to do a prepop for an email submit


I've been trying to figure out how to do a prepop for an email submit offer i'm running and I'm having a lot of difficulty to say the least.

Im using aweber to capture the email, and using wolfstorm, the email variable is &em=

I'm not the techy person and finding this a struggle, can someone please outline the step by step process of making this work.

I would really appreciate any help,

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The way I'd handle this is as follows:
1) create a php variable that will fetch/store the user's e-mail address from whatever database you're using.
2) concatenate the email address into the anchored url. So it'll kinda look like this.
$email = (insert your code to fetch the user's e-mail address here);
<a href="www.landingpage.com?x=yy&em=<?php echo $email; ?>"> click here to see our amazing pre-populated offer page!</a>

make sense?
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Exactly what Smidge said.

You need to be passing it through, so store it, look it up then pass it or pass it through aweber to your aweber thank you page which can then redirect to the offer.

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Anyone know how to do this for offers that don't give you the _POST option? I've seen some javascript functions out there that work it into a platform that you control, but nothing on working it into an advertiser's landing page. Maybe iframe and then put in a macro that references a pixel coordinate?
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Has anyone run pre-pop email submits with the globalizer cpa network. I currently use aweber for my email marketing efforts. I can't seem to make aweber compatible with their offer. Below is the info that my affiliate manager gave me.

Pre-pop Instructions:

For example, if your affiliate’s link was this: http://glbtrk.com/?a=381001&oc=614&c=234&s1=prepoptest

You would have them append as follows:


With aweber I was told to append the following &email and {!email} to my affiliate link for a pre-pop offer to work. I have done it with other networks such as neverblue. But with globalizer it is problem because I have to put passVar_pLeadEmailAddress=

My last test trial was that I inserted
http://glbtrk.com/?a=382684&oc=614&c=234&s1=prepoptest&passVar_pLead EmailAddress={!email} into my raw aweber html. However, the only thing that passed through my squeeze page to the pre-pop email submit offer page was {!email}.

So if anyone has suggestions it would greatly be appreciated. And if anyone is on globalizer running pre-pop email submit offers with aweber please that would be a definite plus as well.


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