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Default The Grind is Real

I can't seem to find a converting offer. Ive tried
email subs,
zip subs,
Get Free Samples
Get Free Summer Samples
Get a Wii U with a $1,000 Visa Gift Card
FREE Money at Fusion Cash (Double Opt-In
Success System Revealed - One Page
Free Lotto - Everybody Wins - Tier 1 Cou
Opinion Outpost - DOI
ProOpinion - DOI
Paid Surveys at Home - US/International
Glassdoor - iOS App - US
HBCQuotes - Health Insurance - Short For
The Ultimate Credit Repair Program - One
Scar Repair Cream - US
SaySoForGood - US (Tier 3)
SaySoForGood - US (Tier 2)
RockyFroggy.com Gucci - UK
credit card applications and over 2000 clicks and not one conversion. I direct linked them all and added landing pages on about 40% of them with at least 2 different landing pages. Ive targeted broad I've targeted both keyword and url. I've targeted mostly urls and urls relating closely to the offer. For example health insurance quote offers I went straight to health insurance quote urls. Im looking for conversions so i can move on. I'm tracking with prosper202 I'm running through Media Traffic. My landing pages are pretty amature but ive kept them that way as i was told they convert better but Ive gotten close to 0% CTR. Any help or mistakes pointed out would be helpful.

Thank you!
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just quickly - how long have you been testing and what sorta bugets are you working with for some of the various offers? i see you got 2000 clicks to an offer - was that direct linked on mediatraffic? what sorta cpm's are you paying there now? it's been a while since i worked with them directly.

let's try and figure this out together buddy.

- lucas
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