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Default Facebook PPC / MSN AdCenter etc.


Does anyone have a good guide for Facebook Ads or MSN Adcenter? I want to try PPC first before i try my luck with PPV but i find it quite difficult to find decent information on ppc.

Any help would be great

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Nickycakes newbie guide is probably the best free info I've seen. It covers mostly Facebook from what I remember.

If you don't mind paying Jonathan Volk sells a Facebook Guide, was supposed to be pretty good. I haven't bought it or seen it so I can't really give you any kind of review.

Just Google "Nickycakes newbie guide" or "Jonathan Volk"

As far as Adcenter specific info. I'm not really sure.

I'd recommend starting with Facebook over Adcenter if you don't want to do PPV right now.

Good Luck Chivas,

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