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Default Do I Have to List ALL Domains on CPA Networks?

On the CPA networks you have to associate a website with your account.

Is it good enough to list just one website, like a company website, but send traffic via other websites? Or do I have to list all the websites which will be sending them traffic? I ask because I want to be able to put up quickie sites for different niches so the domains fit the offers and change them around whenever I feel like it.

Also, is it good enough to have a basic company website to show networks to get approved, or do they like to see massive authority sites?


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You can use a company site or a site you'll be using to send traffic.
You can further clarify things once you're being interviewed on the phone.

For me, I just enter my blog URL and tell them I'll be sending traffic via Google, Facebook, and TrafficVance.
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I usually have one decent website.... with lots of banners...that I show to them.
On non-CPA sites like CJ or linkshare... I enter as many sites as I have...
Some of these advertisers deny you if your site count is less than a specified count.
That is why you can get AUTO denied.

For promotional methods... i always say PPC, and plenty of fish.

I have been accepted to most of them....
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We generally do not need to see all of your sites, unless you are running an offer that the advertiser explicitly asks to see all affiliate landing pages you are generally good to go. I certainly wouldn't list all of my sites.
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With our network we recognize not every affiliate has a website as long as they answer the phone and explain their methods we overlook them not having a website
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